HX570MF-Q die cutting machine is a new wide width die cutting and slitting product developed by our company according to the needs of domestic and  foreign markets.

This machine has such functions as paper feeding, deviation correction, die cutting, line pressing, waste cleaning, slitting, rewinding, cutting, labeling, threading tube core, and finished product delivery.

It can realize automatic paper feeding, automatic deviation correction, independent waste discharge, automatic paperless shutdown, automatic threading tube core, automatic cutting, automatic labeling, and finished product delivery. It does not need manual participation in the whole process. It can realize the whole process automatic workcycle, with fastworking speed and excellent performance. It is a new generation of ideal self-adhesive die-cutting equipment.

Servo motors are used in many parts of this die-cutting machine to ensure the accuracy of each step. The unique tension system and deviation correction system design enable the same high-quality products to be processed from the basepaper with different thickness and elastic edges.

The machine adopts frequency converter speed regulation and PLC control. The operation interface is touch screen and automatic tension device.
It is easy to operate and fast to adjust. This machine has the accurate length counting function and the whole machine’s original paper length counting function.

This machine uses high-quality materials, high-quality accessories,
advanced technology, and imported bearings to ensure the durability of the machine!

Configuration of main components

Main motor Mikom
Touch screen Wecon
PLC Mikom
Press Key Simens
Cylinder Air TAG
Solenoid valve Air TAG
Bearing NSK
Barometer Air TAG
Gear High precision grinding
Automatic counting device Hall switch
Waste discharge device Servo waste discharge system
Web guide system ORIENTALDATA
Magnetic particle brake Chinese brand
Magnetic particle clutch Chinese brand
Tension controller WENNEW, ZXTEC
All cast iron steel plate Overall frame
Complete machine Metal baking paint

Technical parameters

Working speed 0-120m/min
Max. unwinding width 570mm
Min. unwinding width 100mm
Min. die cutting width 15mm
Max. unwinding diameter ∅800mm
Max. die cutting rewinding diameter ∅200mm
Min. die cutting rewinding diameter ∅25mm
Max. diameter of die cutting rewinding paper ∅80mm
Inner diameter of base paper core ∅76mm
Paper loading method Electric automatic paper feeding
Deviation correction method Ultrasonic
Magnetic roller pressure regulation method Pressure gage
Installation method of magnetic roller Drawertype (hydraulic trolley)
Main motor servo
Method of threading the core Automatic
Cut method Automatic
Method of rolling pape Slotting tool
Winding shaft 3 PCS
Blanking method Automatic
Labeling method Automatic
Power 380V/50HZ/3HP
Compressed air 0.8Mpa
Dimension 4040x3960x1880
Total weight 4500kg